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Dog Diapers & Straps to Hold Them On

Dog DiapersIt’s a sad day when your loyal friend needs some dog diapers. It is even more sad when they just won’t stay on. But as is the case around here a lot, TGB is here to save the day. And save your floor from doo.

Looking to buy some Dog Diapers?
$19-30 depending on size from

PetGadgets has found a unique solution made by some creative (and odd) mind out there. Presenting: STA-ON Pet Diaper Harness

For only one easy payment of $16.95 (plus shipping and handling) now you too can be saved from picking up soggy pet poo! This wonderful invention can be used at the park, your house, on airplanes and even in your car!

But wait – that’s not all. If you buy now, you also get a FREE book detailing just how to use those wet-wipes to clean up your dog after they’ve soiled the dog diaper. (Okay, it doesn’t really come with that book.)

Please remember that diapers are not included – only straps that you could make yourself with some Velcro and scissors.

Via: StrangeNewProducts