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DIY Backpacking Stove From Beer Can

Penny Beer Can StoveI’ve seen many things made out of pop & beer cans, especially some of the nifty artwork crafted by children on the streets of emerging (and not so emerging) countries. This, however beats them all.

Over the years, Mark Jurey has fine-tuned his design of how to build a backpacking stove from a beer can and a penny. The Penny stove, which Mark claims can be built with a “pocket full service knife” on the trail without insulation, tape, epoxy, rulers, or needles, has been tested by physicist Mike Martin with surprising results. 16oz water was brought to boil in 3:59.

One of the benefits of Mark’s design, is that it can burn on Everclear, allowing you to use the dual-fuel for other purposes without increasing pack weight. But, considering the stove weighs in at a trivial 1.5oz (43 gm) you might be willing to accommodate other luxuries.

If an alcohol stove out of a fittingly contrived beer can isn’t your cup-o-tea, check out the Penny Wood Backpacking Stove still coming in at only 3oz. While it’s not as pretty, it does allow you to potentially not carry fuel, saving another couple precious ounces.

Via: GetOutdoors