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Disney’s Digital Camera for Kids

Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Digital CameraDisney’s new Pix Micro line of child-approved, adult-tested digital cameras may be exactly what you need to keep little Jimmy occupied on that long redeye flight from LAX to the land of Steve Irwin.

While you’re catching some Z’s mini-you can roam up and down the aisle snapping pictures of people with their naval full in center frame. The best part is that since the camera’s digital, all you have to do is delete the pictures when it won’t take any more because it’s full. And little Jimmy won’t be anymore the wiser.

Since photo capacity is limited only to 40 pictures, one might hope the camera has a feature to auto-replace so you won’t get annoying squawks every 10 mintues when the “memory full” message jolts your little one out of their photographer’s bliss.

Other useful features include a convenient lanyard loop that you can weave through the kid-leash and a 2g impact-resistent case for those, uhm, assisted flights across the room. But don’t rely on me for having these specs exactly right. You might want to contact Disney to verify.

Seriously folks, when traveling with a child that wants to be just like Dad, (or Mom for that matter) why risk that fancy Nikon when you can pick one of these up for less than $20.00?