DiCAPac – The economical underwater camera housing.

Underwater camera housings can be expensive, not to mention they don’t make them for all cameras. If you are in need of a waterproof camera housing, but cant find one for your camera; try the DiCAPac. To put it simply, the DiCAPac is a waterproof bag for your camera.


To put it more detailed, the DiCAPac is tough waterproof bag made to fit a variety of camera sizes. The DiCAPac has a built in UV coated window for cameras with zoom lens on them. Because the bag is super transparent, you can see and use all your cameras buttons as usual. Even the LCD screen on your digital camera can be seen.




Want to know some of the DiCAPac specs?

• Guaranteed underwater performance for up to 16ft (5m) depth.
• Compatible with most digital cameras. Reliable protection from water,dust,sand and weather elements
• UV coated polycarbonate lens allow consumers to take clear pictures
• Transparent and flexible case for convenient camera buttons control
• Reliable double seal closing system with waterproof zipper and Roll & Velcro opening

All and all the DiCAPac is a really great buy. It’s super cheap, protects your camera, and gives the ability to shoot underwater. What more do you need?

Have you used a DiCAPac before? What did you think? Was it a good buy?