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Deuter Attack

Deuter Attack – Hydration plus protection.
RockCreek Outfitters $148.95


The Deuter Attack hydration pack was designed with hardcore bikers in mind. Not only is the Deuter Attack hydration pack built to multi-functional, it is also built to be protective. The Shield Back System is the first of its kind, combining a backpack with protective body armor. How novel.

Living on the edge always makes life a little more interesting. If you live on the edge it can’t hurt to have a little extra protection in case you fall from time to time. The Shield Back System on the Deuter Attack can help you with the. The shield system offers two sheets of hard, closed cell foam for shock absorption, and a softer cell foam for comfort.

While the Deuter Attack hydration pack was designed for bikers, it was designed to make sense on and off the trail. In addition to its protective Shield Back System, the Deuter Attack has plenty of room for the rest of protective gear. There are strategically placed D-rings around the pack to help you organize your gear once you’re done for the day.

Want the low down and dirty on the Deuter Attack? Check out these facts:

– Shield Backsystem
– gear storage wings
– front stash pocket
– stow-away full face helmet holder
– 3 Liter Streamer
– large main storage compartment
– extra large hip fins for stability

The protection and sleek design of the Deuter Attack hydration pack come at a price, a high price. Rolling in around $140, the Deuter Attack is one of the most expensive hydration packs I have ever seen. But, to each their own.

Want to get your hands on a Deuter Attack?

Check them out here: RockCreek Outfitters $148.95