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Dehydrated Turkey Meals – Thanksgiving for Backpackers

Mr. Bean Cooks TurkeySome years, you’re just bound to not be able to make the trek over to mom’s place for some good ole’ Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe you’re out hiking in Australia instead?

In any case, thanks to the marvels in science we have dehydrated food. Here’s a couple choices for next year or in case you just really like turkey:

Cheapskates rejoice! Not one of these options is over $8.25, and if you’re really cheap, the AlpineAire Wild Tyme Turkey is on sale for only $3.83.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, and be sure to eat too much and fall into a food-induced coma. Then, check out the outdoor gear store and figure out the gear you’ll need to go work off the 5-10lbs you’re going to add this holiday season.