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Cruising Caddy II Makes Awkward Water Bottles a Thing of the Past

Don’t you hate it when you walk off a cruise ship and a friendly staff member hands you a complimentary bottle of water? I mean, com’on, can’t they see you have nowhere to put it? How very inconsiderate of them. Now, you’re stuck with a bottle of water to carry around all day, bummer.

No longer will backpackless or unprepared cruise ship goers be haunted by the awkward water bottle hand off. Cruise Caddy II (funny, I never saw the first one) is here to help.

BVT Products has this to say about the CC II,

“Many cruisers will struggle with where to put the water the ships sell as they exit the gangway. The good news: The Cruising Caddy II™ is a compact travel tote and water bottle holder that is the perfect size to hold all your items by your side leaving your hands free for shopping or picture taking while you’re on vacation.”

On the convenient side, the Cruise Caddy II is nice for travelers who don’t feel like lugging around a bag all day. There are pockets for phones, cameras, and passports. Now, not only do you have a way to control your fear of water bottle placement, but you have a place for the rest of your site seeing gear as well.

If you are against carrying around a backpack or bag all day, then it seems the Cruise Caddy II is perfect for you. I guess the rest of us are, God forbid, stuck stuffing our water bottle into our backpacks.