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CrossBreed Dry Pack 1500

Waterproof BackpackCrossBreed Dry Pack 1500 – A glorified dry bag. $93.99

In a society where getting away from it all includes the use of GPS units, cell phones, and digital cameras one needs a way to protect these tools from the elements. Ziplock bags don’t always cut it and cheap waterproof bags rarely last long. Today’s technologically advanced outdoorsmen needs something better, perhaps the CrossBreed Dry Pack 1500?

Seattle Sports Company has one of the largest lines of waterproof backpacks on the market. A popular one for recreational use is the CrossBreed Dry Pack 1500. Basically this pack is a glorified waterproof bag, the kind that have been made popular by rafters and kayakers. There’s not a lot of frills on the CrossBreed Dry Pack 1500, but it will definitely keep your stuff dry.

The CrossBreed Dry Pack 1500s core is a larger waterproof bag that holds up to 1500 cubic inches of gear. The top of the backpack opens wide and is closed by rolling the opening tight and buckling it to plastic buckles on the side of the bag. About the only frill you’ll find on the CrossBreed Dry Pack 1500 is a bungee cinch on the outside of the pack.

The shoulder harness system on the CrossBreed Dry Pack 1500 is complete with a waist belt and sternum strap. There is also a strange backpanel design. The backpanel on the CrossBreed Dry Pack 1500 is made of small plastic nodules that are raised. These are designed to keep the rubbery plastic of the pack off of your back.

Ready to Buy? Check out these prices: $93.99