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Crescent Moon Gold Series 10 Snowshoes

41jllxk9ewl-1_sl500_aa280_Crescent Moon Gold Series 10– A backcountry snowshoe for fast and light travel, the Crescent Moon Gold 10 features extra traversing claws for greater grip in tougher conditions

The Gold 10 is recommended for off-trail enthusiasts who want a snowshoe that will allow them to go wherever they wish on the mountain and perform well in a variety of different terrain and snow conditions.

The Gold 10, like all the Crescent Moon snowshoes, has tear drop shaped shoe that provides greater maneuverability than traditionally shaped shoes. The Gold Series 10 also provides a more athletic response and performance whether you’re on the trail or off.

This particular Crescent Moon snowshoe is their backcounty model and has additional stainless steel tracking crampons, called traversing claws that provide a a great grip. The more aggressive traction system also includes a heel claw that’s nearly twice as large as last year’s model for improved grip even on ice.

Combined with lighter decking materials, a TIG-welded frame, and increased surface area, the Gold 10 can handle tough terrain from icy hard pack to deep powder. The single-pull bindings are also easy to secure even with gloved hands.

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The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get ‘em:
Crescent Moon Back Country Snow Shoes

Why they Rock:

    • Recognized as having the best binding on the market this all around shoe is recommended for all snowshoers up to 225lbs
    • The Gold 10 features a candy apple red 32 x 10 inch teardrop shaped frame featuring an extra set of traversing claws the combination of which provides excellent traction maneuverability and flotation for snowshoers up to 225lbs
    • Decking is highly resistant to abrasion, flexible and pliable even in very cold weather and consequently silent when out in the woods
    • Stainless steel crampons provide dependable traction and the unique toe claw feature found only on Crescent Moon snowshoes makes climbing much more efficient and natural
    • Lifetime warranty and made entirely in Boulder CO USA by Crescent Moon Snowshoes–an environmentally progressive outdoor manufacturers

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

Not only are these snowshoes designed and manufactured in my outdoor lover’s paradise home town of Boulder, CO, but the Crescent Moon Gold Series 10 snowshoe has been cited by many experts as the best backcountry snowshoe for fast and light travel. These snowshoes allow you to cruise, climb, or hike through all sorts of wintry conditions—from icy hardpack to deep fluffy powder.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get ‘em:
Crescent Moon Back Country Snow Shoes