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Credit Card Sized USB Drive

Brando USB Credit CardYeah, this picture looks like one of those nasty light-switch cover plates in aunt Wilma’s house, but Brando’s credit card sized USB drive would make a great Christmas gift this year for the world traveler on your list. It’s only 4mm thick, weights 13 grams and will fit easily into most wallets – just don’t sit on it.

With 1GB of memory capacity it’s good enough to store digital photos, important documents (scan your passport & other IDs) and allow for use at just about any internet cafe around the globe. It’s priced at only $39.00, keeping more dough in your hands.

Probably the best (or worst – just look at the photo) feature is that you can include your own image and wording to be printed on the card.

Available from Brando

Via: Gizmodo