Creative Live! Cam Notebook Pro Webcam

The Creative Live! Cam Notebook Pro Webcam is one of those little things that can make your business (or personal) travel more effective and enjoyable.

I work with people in 3 timezones on a daily basis, and most of the work is via chat, email or other group collaboration tools. While I agree having a cam on me at 5am wouldn’t be the prettiest sight, some of the other times it would be really helpful.

How? I think being able to interact with people in a more natural manner where you can see facial expressions can help you tune your communication style to be more effective, and also just give it that more personal touch. The challenges faced with working with people who you don’t know, and potentially have never met take some getting used to.




With Skype and a webcam, you can be much more effective by utilizing VoIP and video chat. Besides, it helps you relate and understand that person better. We are, all humans at the end of the day.

The Creative Live! Cam Notebook Pro Webcam packs some handy features for the business traveler, and here’s what they are:

  • Look your best with Live! View: Look your best the easy way. Creative Auto Tuning automatically adjusts lighting and brightness to give you the clearest possible picture while you video chat. However, it won’t disguise you when you’re working in your undies, so keep that in mind – please, for the rest of us. With, of course a few exceptions, and that’s just distracting…
  • 270° adjustable camera angle: Thanks to ingenious design, Live! Cam Notebook Pro rotates to almost any viewing angle, allowing for greater flexibility during your conversations. Automatic image flip ensures the image is always upright when rotated more than 90°.
  • Automatic View Rotation: Experience more flexibility, place Live! Cam Notebook webcams easily on any sides of a notebook LCD screen rather than just on top. You can adjust angles of up to 180° easily.
  • Hands-free headset for clearer voice and sound: Comfortable and convenient, family and friends can now hear you loud and clear with the included hands-free headset. This also works great for added privacy in public locations.

Here’s where you can get one: Creative Live! Cam Notebook Pro Webcam at – $22.00 with Free shipping.