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Columbia Sportswear Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve Shirt

Columbia Sportswear Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve Shirt – Great multi-purpose shirt.
Any experienced hiker, traveler, or backpacker knows that cotton t-shirts wont cut it in any environment. Short of walking around the mall, t-shirts are pretty much useless. Cotton t-shirts absorb water and sweat fast, but take a long time to dry. In turn, they suck away your body heat like a leech. Something that is extremely bad in cold, wet conditions. They are heavy, bulky, and just plain worthless. Instead of taking along your favorite band t-shirt on your next vacation to the tropics, try the Columbia Sportswear Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve Shirt.

Believe it or not, there are actually enough features on the Columbia Sportswear Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve Shirt to write a short story about. In keeping with internet users short attention span though, I will refrain in my pursuit for journalistic celebrity. One of the best features on teh shirt is the fabric of its self. It is soft, durrible, and goes a lot further in protecting you than a t-shirt does.

The Columbia Sportswear Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve Shirt is made from a ripstop nylon material. Aside from being tough, the features of the fabric don’t stop there. The Columbia Sportswear Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve Shirt has an Omni-Dry treatment to help ensure that the shirt dries as fast as possible should it get wet or you sweat like a pig. The Omni Dry material also offers some basic protection from the sun and is rated to 30 SPF.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $22

Why they rock:

  • Ripstop nylon fabric features Omni-Dry quick-dry treatment and a UPF 30+ rating to shield skin from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Gusseted underarms allow full range of motion without binding; sleeves roll up and secure with tabs
  • Two chest pockets feature rip-and-stick closures and stitched-grommet drain holes
  • Air tunnel with polyester mesh lining across shoulders increases airflow where it’s most needed
  • Easy care: machine wash and dry on cool temperature setting
  • Columbia Sportswear Omni-Shade items rated UPF 30 and higher proudly carry the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

Personally, you couldn’t pay me to take a t-shirt to places like Chile or Costa Rica. The are too hot and stink to high heavens by the end of the day from all the sweating you do while wearing them. I tend to bring cheap button up shirts from the thrift store. They are light, airy, and comfortable. For more serious adventures though, I make sure I have a few of these shirts.

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Amazon: $22