Capilene – The best base layer ever.

If you are still using polypro for your base layers, you don’t know what you’re missing. Capilene is where it’s at. Patogina started creating performance base layers years ago and their capilene layer has set the standards for performance layers.


The superior warmth of the capailene comes from the gridded fleece interior. This design causes the capilene to warm you like something twice as thick. It’s pretty cool. As with any performance base layer it is quick drying and quick wicking.




Because base layers work by wicking moisture away from your body it is inevitable that they will start to smell. The capilene is made with Gladiodor. This is a natural odor control formula that helps keep down that musty smell that comes from weeklong hikes.

Capilene Performance Characteristics

• Quick to wick, quick to dry
• Designed for fast-forward, aerobic activities
• Now with Gladiodor™ natural odor control
• Made with recycled polyester (50% recycled content or more)
• 100% recyclable
• Machine washable

I personally like the capilene fabric better than the thick military style polypro. While polypro is nice, warm, and dries fairly fast; it just doesn’t compare. Capilene will keep you just as warm, but with less fabric. But the thing I love the most about capilene is how fast it dries. I hate walking around in a wet shirt and capilene dries before I have time to notice it was wet.

What do you think about capilene? Are you going to stick to polypro or give it a try?