Canon’s WP-DC800

Canon’s WP-DC800 – Powershot underwater case

The Canon’s WP-DC800 waterproof case isn’t just to help protect your digital camera from water. It is a well designed and though out piece of equipment that is essential for anyone wanting quality underwater photos. $10.00


One neat feature about the Canon’s WP-DC800 is the diffuser. The diffuser is a removable piece of translucent plastic. This piece of plastic helps diffuse the light from the flash so that it doesn’t reflect off particles in the water. The Canon’s WP-DC800 diffuser will help prevent orbs of light from showing up in your photos.




All of the controls on the Canon’s WP-DC800 are not only large enough to comfortably operate underwater, they are also different colors. This is a simple feature of the Canon’s WP-DC800, but still a nice one.

If you want to the quick facts about the powershot underwater case, here they are:

• Underwater housing for the Canon PowerShot S400, S410 and S500 Digital ELPH cameras
• Protects camera from water, sand, dirt and dust
• Waterproof to a depth of 130′

The cost of the Canon’s WP-DC800 case is a little pricey, but worth every penny in my opinion. What do you think?

Have you used a Canon WP-DC800 with your powershot camera? How was it?

Want to pick up a Canon WP-DC800 for your digital camera?

Check them out here: $10.00