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Camping Tents

Camping Tents – Your home away from home.
camping tents
Whether you will be vacationing outside for a week or a weekend, camping tents will make or break your trip. Camping tents can be a tricky purchase, spend too much and you could end with more tent than you need, don’t spend enough and you could end up replacing your tent after every trip. Here is some sound advice to help you in your search for camping tents.

Camping tents are typically general purpose tents, the swiss army knife of tents. They may not have all the features you need to setup basecamp at Everest, but they will certainly have everything you need to setup shop at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Traditionally camping tents all have some basic features. These features include portability, room for 3-4 people, ease of setup, and general protection of the elements. Of course you can always find camping tents that have specific features in addition to these basic ones. For example, say you plan on camping on the beach a lot and want a camping tent with more screens than walls? Not a problem.

Here are a few of my top picks for camping tents: