Camping Logic Camping Closet

Camping Logic Camping Closet – Keeping your tent nice and organized.

I lived in a tent for the better part of year and it was never clean. There were always piles of stuff and nowhere to put it. After all, it’s not like there’s a closet in there. Until now….the camping logic closet is the answer to the problem of an untidy tent. I know most weekend hikers or backpackers think I’m crazy for thinking this is a cool piece of gear. But when your tent is your home for months on end, you’ll understand why the camping closet is a neat idea.


The camping closet is stands 24in. tall and 24 in. wide. It is built with a sloping back so that it will fit snugly against the walls of a tent. Because the insides of tents always seem to get wet, the camping closet is also made out of water resistant material.




There are six main shelves that are big enough for shoes, shirts, and other personal items. There are also a few different types of storage pockets on the side. You’ll find room for cds, cell phones, GPS, and bottles.

Here are a couple facts about the camping closet:

• Holds and organizes clothing and personal gear; roll-up front screen keeps items contained
• Includes a tissue dispenser and pockets for CDs and CD player
• Measures 25 x 25 inches, with a depth of 6 inches at the top, and 15 inches at the bottom
• Folds compactly for storage

What do you think about the camping closet?

You know you want one. Check them out here.