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Camp Chef Propane Campfire

Camp Chef Propane Campfire – Forest friendly campfire.


On one hand it would be super easy to make fun of this propane campfire, but in all actuality it’s a pretty sweet buy. The propane campfire is a portable fire pit that saves you the trouble of finding fire wood. It is small enough to stuff in the truck, but big enough to keep you warm around the tailgate on your road trips.

Building a fire on the road can be a task. Some parks don’t allow fire pits and others have been picked clean of firewood. This is where the propane campfire comes in handy. This little pit of flammable fun is the perfect thing to warm up the night. There’s no firewood to mess with, its easy to clean up, and small enough to fit just about anywhere.

The propane campfire comes with :

• Base
• High pressure burner
• 5 ceramic logs
• Carrying bag

I personally have made fun of these when I saw them in the store. However, I have also been to events where fire pits were banned, but someone had brought a propane campfire. That person quickly became the central hub of the event. People love campfires so make sure you’re the one with the fire.