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CamelBak Trinity Hydration Pack

CamelBak Trinity Hydration Pack – Designed for women.
It is nice to see that hydration pack manufacturers are creating gear specifically for women. I’m sure a number of women can use gear designed for men without a problem, but it is probably not as comfortable as effective on their body. But, while many women can get by with mens gear, some women can’t. For some of the more petite girls out there, mens gear swallows them whole. Even something as small as a hydration pack can be too large for them. It is for this reason women might enjoy checking out the CamelBak Trinity Hydration Pack .

The CamelBak Trinity Hydration Pack has really done a lot to ensure its design is female friendly. For starters, the suspension system on the CamelBak Trinity Hydration Pack is made to curve to a women’s body for ultimate comfort. The shoulder straps are not only cut to be more comfortable, but the sternum strap has also been raised to be more comfortable for women. Lastly, the CamelBak Trinity Hydration Pack also sports a shorter torso length to enure comfort.

Other than the cut and size of the CamelBak Trinity Hydration Pack , everything else is pretty much what you would expect to find on a hydration pack. The pack its self has a smaller front pocket and one large main pocket. The smaller front pocket has some smaller internal pockets for securing small gear. There is also a mesh pocket on the outside for lashing and securing gear to the outside of the pack. There is also some closed cell foam surrounding the reservoir to help keep it cool or from freezing over.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $80

Why they rock:

  • Women’s Dynamic Suspension harness curves to the shape of a woman’s body, places sternum strap high across chest and maximizes load stability
  • Air-mesh harness is lined with soft Velvetex microfleece for ventilation and comfort
  • Articulated and vented hipbelt wraps around women’s hips for carrying comfort
  • Easy-grip handle and large mouth make filling the reservoir easy; antimicrobial HydroGuard™ technology inhibits bacterial growth
  • PureFlow delivery tube keeps water as fresh as store-bought bottled water; no plastic taste
  • Front pocket has a pull out organizer with 2 secure compartments letting you divide and conquer essential small gear
  • Full-zip panel access makes it easy to load a full reservoir into the pack
  • Closed-cell foam insulation encasing the reservoir keeps water cool for hours

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

The CamelBak Trinity Hydration Pack is a pretty solid hydration pack the is designed especially for women. It makes for a great day pack for shorter hikes that require a decent amount of essentials. For ladies that are a bit on the small side, the CamelBak Trinity Hydration Pack might be the perfect day pack and hydration pack.

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