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CamelBak SnoBlast Hydration Ski Pack – 70 oz.

CamelBak SnoBlast Hydration Ski Pack – Perfect for winter activities.

When heading out for any winter activity, it is important to remember to stay hydrated. Just because it may not be hot and sunny outside, doesn’t mean that your body isn’t losing fluids. The problem with bringing hydration along with you into a winter environment is it has a tendency to freeze. Both of these issues were tackled in the design of the CamelBak SnoBlast Hydration Ski Pack.

While the CamelBak SnoBlast Hydration Ski Pack may not keep your juices from freezing in prolonged exposed to extremely cold conditions, it will help. The CamelBak SnoBlast Hydration Ski Pack uses several insulating factors to help keep your liquid of choice from freezing over. The exposed drinking tube is wrapped in neoprene insulation. You can even tuck a handwarmer into the shoulder strap pocket to help keep the tube warm and prevent freezing.

Aside from the anti-freezing features in the CamelBak SnoBlast Hydration Ski Pack, there are also plenty of winter sport resources built into the pack. The main storage area is expandable and can hold everything from extra layers to goggles and more. There is also a built in helmet loop and MP3 player pocket.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $70

Why they rock:

  • Expandable storage carries as much or as little as you need—extra layers, goggles, food and your tunes
  • Easy-to-use retention system holds skis diagonally or a board vertically
  • Zippered back panel provides quick access to reservoir
  • Fully insulated drinking system features a neoprene-wrapped delivery tube
  • Delivery tube and bite valve are fully enclosed in shoulder strap to protect from freezing; tuck a handwarmer into the strap for an extra heat boost
  • Reservoir holds up to 70 fl. oz. (2 liters), giving you access to fresh water on demand
  • Burst-resistant OMEGA HydroTanium reservoir has an extra-large opening for easy filling and cleaning; carries a lifetime warranty
  • HydroGuard technology embeds an FDA-approved silver ion compound into reservoir film and delivery tubes to eliminate bacterial growth
  • Padded front pocket holds a digital music player and tools
  • Helmet carry loop makes it easy to stash your helmet while hiking

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

If you spend a decent amount of time exploring the outdoors in colder weather, the CamelBak SnoBlast Hydration Ski Pack might be just the pack you need. While its not ideal for serious day hikes into avalanche country, its perfect for snowboarding, alpine sking, and simple day hikes.

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