Bullet Space Pen

Bullet Space Pen – The ultimate writing tool for all travel writers.

Amazon: $19.88

The Bullet Space Pen pretty much kicks all other pens asses. From writing upside down, to writing in -55 below zero, this bad boy can do it all. If you are serious about becoming a travel writer, combine this with the Nomad Travel Pad, and you’ll be on the right track.

The Bullet Space Pen is constructed completely of brass and steel, making it almost indestructible. The rounded off tips make it smooth to slide into any pocket comfortably.

Check out these other great features the Space Pen has to offer:

• Writes at any angle.
• Writes through oil and grease
• Writes in freezing cold; down to -55F BELOW ZERO
• All Brass and Steel Components
• Small profile that fits neatly in front pants pocket




If you need a pen that you can always count on, the Bullet Space Pen is a sure thing.

Interested in picking up a Bullet Space Pen? Check them out here:

Amazon: $19.88

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