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Built NY Laptop Sleeve

Built NY Laptop Sleeve – A neoprene laptop sleeve.
Before I moved to Costa Rica I must have look at the Built NY Laptop Sleeve a million times. It seemed like a good idea to have one, but was just to expensive for my blood. Im a frugal cheapskate, I admit it, but US$35 for a simple neoprene cover seemed like a bit much for what it was. At the time of this writing I will have been living in Costa Rica for 2 months and everyday I wish I would have bought the Built NY Laptop Sleeve.

You may think that just because you will keep your laptop in your bag except for when using it that it will stay some what clean. I have to say that theory is 100% false. Unless you vacuum out your backpack on a daily basis, there is probably a lot more hair, dust, and dirt than you think. Every time I take my laptop out of my backpack it is covered with who knows what. Reason number one I wish I would have bought the Built NY Laptop Sleeve.

After a few weeks of the in and out of the backpack, my keyboard has become caked with dust. An amount that no can of Dust-Off is going to get rid of. Again, something that could have easily been prevented if I had not been such a cheap bastard. While the Built NY Laptop Sleeve is nothing more than a sleek fitting neoprene cover that goes around your laptop, it is a must have even if you have a laptop backpack.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $27

Why they rock:

  • Shark Gill Grips are designed to retain a snug fit, add attractive flair and provide slip-free handling
  • Made from 5mm wetsuit-grade neoprene to protect your laptop from impact and moisture; hourglass shape conforms to various laptop shapes and sizes
  • Designed to fit laptops that measure up to 14 to 17 in.
  • Sleeve lays flat when not in use
  • Machine washable

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

I can’t say enough about how valuable a piece of equipment the Built NY Laptop Sleeve is. If you plan on taking your laptop on any serious traveling trip, you should seriously invest in the Built NY Laptop Sleeve. It will protect your laptop enormously and help it last longer and protect it from dust, dirt, and debris.

Looking to buy? Check out these sites:
Amazon: $27