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Brooks Cascadia 3

Brooks Cascadia 3 – Fast on the trail and light on the sidewalk.
If you have been trail running for a while, you know that now all trail running shoes are created equally. Aside from some trail running shoes being good and some being bad, some trail shoes are made for mild terrain while others are better suited for extreme runs. It is because of this that it is hard to find a pair of trail running shoes that are comfortable running on the trail and the pavement.

With the Brooks Cascadia 3 trail running shoes you get the perfect “inbetween” shoe. It is mostly designed for handling mild terrain such as a park walk trail or a jog around the lake. It has enough features to keep you protected and comfortable on mild trails, but wouldn’t do to well on some more extreme trails. The Brooks Cascadia 3 uses a nice mixture of trail stabilizing systems, foam wedges, and a reinforced rock shield to help you handle the trails.

The Brooks Cascadia 3 really shines on longer distance runs though. It is not often that a pair of trail running shoes can be comfortable for over 10K. But, with the Brooks Cascadia 3 trail running shoes you get plenty of plush cushioning and flex. So much so in fact that they even feel extremely comfortable when you have to hit the asphalt every now and then.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $80

Why they rock:

  • Full length S-257 Cushsole
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot HydroFlow ST
  • Heel and Forefoot Pivot Posting System
  • Forefoot Ballistic Rock Shield

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

All and all, the Brooks Cascadia 3 is a good pair of trail running shoes for the suburban trail runner. They are perfect for someone who’s not going to test themselves on extreme terrain and runs into asphalt and concrete a good bit.

Looking to Buy? Check out these sites: $80