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Bose QuietComfort 3 Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 3 headphones – Noise canceling headphones.
Bose QuiteComfort 3 Headphones
Theres nothing worse than not being able to listen to your iPod or MP3 player because the surrounding noise pollution is too much. You end up having to amp up the volume so much that everyone around you ends up listening to your music as well. Noise canceling headphones started solving this problem years ago, but with large and bulky headphones. Lucky for us, Bose has created one of the most compact and effective noise canceling headphones on the market, the Bose QuiteComfort 3. These amazing headphones have many of the same features as it predecessors, but with a more compact design that is perfect for travelers who demand an unspoiled, music listening experience.

Bose has taken their knowledge of noise canceling headphones and turned it into one of the smallest and most advanced sets of noise canceling headphones on the market. Unfortunately, this fine technology comes with a hefty price tag. The Bose QuiteComfort 3 Headphones will set you back about $350 big ones. Whither you think they are overpriced or not, theres no arguing the fact that these headphones are some of the best on the market for travelers. Aside from the compact design, the headphones offer a few other things that travelers will appreciate. One such feature is that rechargeable battery for the headphones. Yes, the headphones run off of a battery. The noise canceling unit inside the headphones requires a good bit a of juice to function.

As with most headphones in this category, the Bose QuiteComfort 3 Headphones are super comfy. You can thank the cushy memory foam for that. The foam molds to fit tight and comfortably around your ears. These actually do a really good job at helping to cut out the sound as well. The only drawback to the tight fit is that they dont breath very well. So wearing them at the gym or on your trip to Hawaii might not be comfortable. Unlike the QuiteComfort 2, the noise canceling unit is actually built into the headphones instead of on the wires.

Some fast facts about the Bose QuiteComfort 3 Headphones:

  • Compact, on-ear design forms a gentle seal to help block unwanted noise and deliver high-quality audio
  • Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphone technology electronically identifies and reduces noise
  • Lightweight for hours of comfortable listening
  • Rechargeable battery offers approximately 25 hours of run time
  • Rechargeable battery and charger included

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Bose QuiteComfort 3 are great if you have the money to spend on them. The only other major drawback other than the ones listed above, has to do with the battery. Because the headphones use a battery operated noise canceling unit to function, when the battery runs out, so does the music. This isn’t a major problem by any means, just something to think about.