BootsnAll Launches More Travelogues

BootsnAll Travel NetworkBootsnAll, the corporate behemoth behind Travel Gear Blog (and our corresponding Travel Gear Store) today launched a handful of new Travelogues.

As Wikipedia puts it: “Travelogues provide a platform for researching destinations as they offer real-world travel experiences undertaken by individual travellers and offer a focused and interactive way of sharing travel experiences within the framework of a like-minded travel community.




If you’ve been following Travel Gear Blog for any time, you’ve probably already seen me linking to some of the ingenious content on these other Logue sites, but I’d like to do a quick recap of each new Logue too.

  • Eco Travel Logue: Responsible people like to travel earth-friendly, but it’s not always the easiest to know how. Instead of spending years of your life researching, head on over to Eco Travel Logue and let Mary be your guide to the greatest, greenest destinations, gear and methods to help you keep your world green and your inner tree-hugger happy.
  • Business Travel Logue: When you’re a business traveler, you may already be mixing work with play, or work with more work. Carrie at Business Travel Logue knows what it’s all about, and will help you find the best hotel rewards programs, air-mile tips and give you ideas on what careers are known to offer travel.
  • Adventure Travel Logue: Eric has got his eyes our finding the next greatest thing you can do to endanger your life and come back to brag about it in front of your friends. Wanna dive to the “true” north pole or explore actual nuclear destinations? Eric’s got it for ya! He’s even posted some tips to help you with TSA approved emergency planning.
  • Teach English as a Foreign Language Logue: Luckily, the domain got shortened to just ’cause that would otherwise be a huge pain to type, even for potential English teachers. TEFL is one of the most popular ways to pay for your travels around emerging (and not so emerging) countries and one of the few, easier ways to get a Visa – or work without one. Katie’s gonna give you ideas and resources whether you’re already a TEFL teacher or just thinking about it. And it ain’t fluff neither – Katie’s living the dream and writing about it on a daily basis from her post in Uzbekistan, or wherever she is.

Check out these valuable niche travel resources, produced purely for your delight, enjoyment in attempt to help you on your trip, or just to fulfill your travel lust.