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Bolle Fathom Ski Goggles

phprnpr6jpmBolle Fathom Goggles–fog free and good lookin’

I have long been a fan of Bolle ski goggles. I remember my first pair of neon pink Bolle hand-me-downs that were far too big for my small face. So, when I got the newly designed Fathom goggles from Bolle, I had big expectations. They met my expectations.

At first glance, I loved the styling of these goggles. The smaller fit, bright orange and yellow frames, patterned strap and orange fluorescent polarized lenses. For a girl who usually goes for less flashy frames, I was surprisingly drawn to these goggles. They looked cool.

Redesigned from the previous Quasar, the Fathoms feature a technical spherical vented lens. This injected polycarbonate spherical lens creates an optimal field of view, distortion and fog-free vision.

The Fathoms also are also designed to prevent fogging by creating airflow over the inside surface of the lens and ultra-soft fleece on the skin and a better seal. For those freestylers, park riders and other big mountain tacklers who wear helmets on the slopes, php1xcf0dpmthe Fathom connects the strap to the frame with swinging outrigger to maintain a perfect fit with helmets.

The goggles also stayed remarkably fog free, even on a humid day up on Mt. Hood. The Fathom claims that this fog free vision is because a “waterproof breathable vent manages moisture and keeps vision clear by maintaining air pressure between the dual lens.” I’m not sure I entirely how it works, but on this particular day out it did.

The polarized lenses did great, even on a mostly overcast day in the Cascades. They lenses also have a proprietary coating that provides protection against fogging and most scratches.

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Bolle Fathom Goggles, Shiny Black Patch, Polarized Aurora Lens

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

These goggles win in three important categories—they look good, they’re comfortable and they perform well. The polarized lenses are not only great in the sunshine, but also performed well in semi-overcast Cascade skies. The Bolle Fathoms didn’t fog, even on a fairly humid day skiing in Oregon. They looked sleek and felt great.

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Bolle Fathom Goggles, Shiny Black Patch, Polarized Aurora Lens