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Black Diamond Mega Light Shelter

Black Diamond Mega Light Shelter – A really roomy light weight shelter.
I am all about traveling light when it comes to backpacking. After all, who wants to carry a heavy pack around for days on end? While I enjoy a light pack, I have never been one of those backpackers that count ounces. To me, cutting your tooth brush in half or cutting the straps off you pack seems a bit over the top. But for people that do enjoy counting ounces or are just looking for an extremely light wight shelter, the Black Diamond Mega Light Shelter is right up your alley.

Not only is the Black Diamond Mega Light Shelter super light weight, it is also super small. The is so small in fact that it can be wadded up into a ball that is slightly larger than a softball. Can your current light weight tent do that? I know what you are thinking…Ok that is small, but what about all the poles and other gear? The Black Diamond Mega Light Shelter only uses one carbon fiber pole. If you really want to save wight, the Black Diamond Mega Light Shelter is designed to be used with two trekking poles instead.

It is important that you do not assume that because the Black Diamond Mega Light Shelter is light weight and can pack up small that it offers up cramped living space. This bad boy of a tent can create 51 square feet of covered area. It might not offer up as much head room as some tents, but all things considered it is a pretty massive amount of room. With that much space you could easily fit three people inside the tent walls.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $219

Why they rock:

  • This floorless shelter for three is extremely roomy, and an excellent choice when weight and packability are important
  • Mega Light includes a rugged carbon-fiber pole, shaving 10% off the pole weight
  • Also comes with PoleLink, a nylon wrap that lets you combine a pair of your trekking poles or ski poles into a single, central support
  • Floorless design can be pitched over snow pits or rocky terrain–super quick and easy to set up

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

If you are looking for a super light weight shelter for backpacking in nice conditions, the Black Diamond Mega Light Shelter could be just what you want. Those that aren’t super serious light weight fanatics might be weary of the fact that there is no floor on the tent. But serious light weight packers would have probably cut the floor out anyways!

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<a href=” $219“> $239