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Black Diamond Anarchist ski pack with Avalung

anarchistavalungBlack Diamond Anarchist pack with Avalung—the pack for those backcountry skiers who live for the powder (and it might just save your life if you getting swallowed in a slide).

Any backcountry skier already knows about the virtues of the Avalung, a breathing device designed by Black Diamond that can help you breathe in and potentially survive getting buried in an avalanche. The Black Diamond Outlaw pack with Avalung has a breathing tube, which is deployed from a zippered pouch in the left shoulder strap. The idea is to keep this tube handy when skiing avalanche terrain and in your mouth if you are skiing especially dangerous terrain (i.e. a touchy slope you fear might go).

While there are debates on the effectiveness of the Avalung (you have to get the mouthpiece in your mouth and have it stay there for it to work), this new technology has saved some lives, including Dan Morisey of my home state of Colorado who was buried by an avalanche and whose Avalung probably saved his life (read this interview with Morsiey about the Avalung).

The Black Diamond Anarchist ohas a supportive Y-rod suspension system that lends lots of support for all that avalanche safety gear you are hauling around on the mountain. This pack is also great for longer stints into the backcountry—it’s big enough not only to fit your shovel and such, but also extra layers and your lunch.

While this pack doesn’t have the same low-profile as the Black Diamond Covert or Black Diamond Bandit, it is especially designed to move comfortably with you as your cruise down the mountain. It also has a dedicated front pocket to keep your avy gear organized and easy to access.

There is a stretch helmet panel so you can take your brain bucket off when hiking up the mountain and has a system that allows you to carry your skis or snowboard when you unbuckle—no matter if you ride skinny planks or a sled.

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The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get one:
(Buy Black Diamond Anarchist with Avalung Winter Pack – $279.95)

Why it Rocks:

    • Water-resistant 420-denier nylon fabric with 1300-denier ballistics reinforcements withstand weather and abrasion for seasons to come
    • The unique, Y-rod construction offers superior support when carrying heavy loads and moves with your body for true comfort
    • Thermoformed suspension components for added comfort
    • An adjustable ski/board attachment system makes approaches much less of a burden
    • Side panel access comes in quite handy on the go
    • Built-in Avalung for emergency preparedness
    • It is large enough for an overnight tour and still small enough for day trips
    • Capacity: 1953 cu in (32L)/ 2563 cu in (42L)
    • Weight: 4 lb 2 oz (32L)/ 4 lb 4 oz (42L)
    • Fits torso: 16 – 19 inches (32L)/ 18 – 21 inches (42L)
    • Material: 420-denier nylon/ 1300-denier ballistics nylon
    • Access: side and panel

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

While this pack isn’t as small or have as low a profile as some of the other Black Diamond ski packs, it is better for longer backcountry trips or touring excursions. Not ideal for resort accessed backcountry (it’s a little big to ride comfortably on the chair lifts in my opinion), this pack is probably best suited for those skiers who spend most of their time off-piste and out of the resorts. This pack will also protect you from possible tough Avy situations the AvaLung breathing apparatus. Carrying this make will make sure not only that you’re safer if an avalanche does occur, with a way to breath beneath the snow, but also keeps your gear dry and organized. Designed to hold enough for an overnight tour, it’s a snow-specific ski pack that’s made to move with the twists and turns of your body in motion thanks to the Y-Rod construction.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one:
(Buy Black Diamond Anarchist with Avalung Winter Pack – $279.95)