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Black Diamond Alias AvaLung Pack

Black Diamond Alias AvaLung Pack – Avalanche ready.

If you don’t know anything about the Black Diamond Alias AvaLung Pack and you take a look at the picture of it and then look at its price tag, you might be a little confused. How on earth can such a small pack cost so much? Can you put a cost on your life? Because that exactly what the Black Diamond Alias AvaLung Pack could save if you get caught in an avalanche.

The main selling point of the Black Diamond Alias AvaLung Pack is the built in Avalung. This apparatus can help you stay alive longer if you find yourself trapped in an avalanche. The Avalung works by pulling in air directly from the snow pack by way of its mouth piece. To help prevent an ice layer from forming due to exhaled carbon dioxide, the exhaled air is vented through the Black Diamond Alias AvaLung Pack to slow down the process.

The Black Diamond Alias AvaLung Pack also sports a few other features, but nothing but the basics. There is an insulated sleeve for your reservoir to help prevent in from freezing up, shovel and probe pockets, a larger main compartment, and ski carries.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $219

Why they rock:

  • Integrated AvaLung apparatus can increase the time you have to breathe if trapped in an avalanche; air is pulled in directly from the snowpack via a mouthpiece
  • Exhaled carbon dioxide is directed out the exhaust port at the bottom right of the pack, extending the time available before an ice layer builds up and seals out oxygen
  • Breathing tube runs through the left shoulder strap and can be positioned such that the mouthpiece is readily available
  • Top-loading pack cinches down and covers contents, helping your gear stay put, even during a crash; zippered top pocket stashes accessories
  • Removable aluminum stay adds stability and foam back panel prevents pointy gear from poking you in the back
  • Shovel and probe organization pockets allow simple access to your essential equipment
  • Insulated sleeve helps prevent your hydration reservoir (sold separately) from freezing up; drinking tube routes through insulated right shoulder strap
  • Pack carries skis diagonally or in an A-frame configuration
  • As with avalanche beacons, the Alias AvaLung pack is not a substitute for wise assessment of hazardous avalanche terrain

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

The Black Diamond Alias AvaLung Pack is nothing short of amazing. Don’t get me wrong. The only reason I give this pack a 9 is because its pretty expensive and not really designed for the average winter traveler. If however, you find yourself deep in avalanche country, then you may want to look into the Black Diamond Alias AvaLung Pack a little closer.

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