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Big Agnes Gore Pass 3 Tent

Big Agnes Gore Pass 3 Tent – Lightweight, but plenty of room.
Finding a three person backpacking tent is no problem. Finding a lightwieght, three person backpacking tent is no problem either. Finding a lightweight, three person backpacking tent with enough room for three big guys; that can be a problem. Many times when you find a “big” three person tent it only has a lot of floor space. This is fine if you only plan on rolling around in the tent, but if you want to do more than that, you need to find a tent with plenty of head room and near vertical walls to give you as much space as possible. This is what you find in the Big Agnes Gore Pass 3 Tent.

As I said before, the problem with many three person backpacking tents is that they offer plenty of floor space, but not a lot of head space. Unless of course you are the guy in the middle of the tent. But this is just a common problem with dome tents in general. The Big Agnes Gore Pass 3 Tent has conquered this problem by creating a three person tent that has more of a box shape than dome. It is this unique shape that helps give everyone in the tent not only more head room, but more room in general.

One feature I really like about the Big Agnes Gore Pass 3 Tent is that it sports dual doors and vestibules. Ok, so that’s not a big deal, as all three person tents should have that feature. What is cool about the vestibules on the Big Agnes Gore Pass 3 Tent is that one of the vestibules can be detached and used as a shade shelter. All you have to do is detach the vestibule and set it up with two trekking poles. Not a huge selling point, but a nice feature none the less.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $340

Why they rock:

  • Single hub/pole design creates more usable floor space and headroom than other tents so you don’t need to sacrifice comfort to keep your pack weight down
  • Lightweight DAC combination pole system with Pressfit connectors uses an anodization process that lessens environmental impact; this tent is a snap to set up
  • Double doors allow access from either side; offers 30 sq. ft. of storage space under 2 vestibules
  • 1 vestibule may be staked out as a shade with your trekking poles, sold separately
  • Fly is made from coated ripstop polyester and floor is made from coated nylon taffeta; all seams are taped with waterproof, solvent-free polyurethane
  • Mesh body offers excellent ventilation and views
  • Reflective guyline and reflective webbing on tent corners supply nighttime visibility
  • Includes 4 mesh storage pockets and superlight aluminum stakes
  • Fast pack pitching: In nice weather, use only the poles, rainfly and footprint (sold separately) to save weight

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

If you yourself are a big guy and are often sharing the tent with other big guys, then you probably need a tent with more room than the average tent. The Big Agnes Gore Pass 3 Tent can offer you just that. The Big Agnes Gore Pass 3 Tent is just a great tent with plenty of room, plenty of head space, and a decent price tag.

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