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Bibler Tripod Bivy – Standard

Bibler Tripod Bivy – Standard – An upscale bivy.

Bivys are a cool idea and great for those who want to pack and travel lite. The problem is, bivys aren’t for everyone. Many people can’t stand the ones that don’t offer some sort of frame to keep the bivy off their face, while other don’t like how hard it is to perform simple tasks inside of it. Granted the original bivy was not designed for any of the above reasons, but as time progresses, people want a bit more from their bivy. For these people, there is the Bibler Tripod Bivy – Standard.

If even some of the more feature rich bivys aren’t enough to make you happy, but a single person tent is still to much gear for you; then the Bibler Tripod Bivy – Standard is probably what you are looking for. It has taken all of the things that many people don’t like about bivys and found a way to improve them. The end result is a product that is half bivy and half single person backpacking tent.

The two big selling points of the Bibler Tripod Bivy – Standard would have to be the increased head room and taunt body. Rather than just having a frame that keeps the bivy off of your face, the Bibler Tripod Bivy – Standard provides you with ample headroom; enough to partly sit up in. The Bibler Tripod Bivy – Standard also sports a taunt body that makes it easier to move around inside of and alos helps protect you from the elements better.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $299

Why they rock:

  • Three poles add head and foot room, increasing the usable interior space and eliminating the dreaded bivy claustrophobia; 25″ height
  • ToddTex fabric provides protection from rain and snow while allowing the breathability necessary for a comfortable, moisture-free night
  • Laminated nylon floor withstands the abuse of sleeping on snow and rock
  • Mesh netting keeps the flying critters where they belong
  • Freestanding, easy to set up and small enough to fit easily into a backpack, bike pannier or haul bag
  • Includes stakes, guylines, Seam Grip, Monoject syringe applicator, stuff sack and instruction/care manual.

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

As I said before, if you are a single hiker who likes the idea of bivys, but not the overall design; then you will appreciate the Bibler Tripod Bivy – Standard. It takes the ideas of the bivy and combines them with some features of backpacking tents to create a wonderful hybrid of the two.

Looking to Buy? Check out these sites: $299