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Bibler Eldorado Mountaineering Tent

Bibler Eldorado Mountaineering Tent – Simple, but pricey design.

670745_2393lrgWhen it comes to good mountaineering tents, you really do get what you pay for. Because you can pay so much for these kind of tents, you want to make sure you get your moneys worth. While the Bibler Eldorado Mountaineering Tent might seem pricey, even for a two person mountaineering tent, it is one of those tents that is well worth the money. From what I have seen, the Bibler Eldorado Mountaineering Tent is one of the lightest and easier four season mountaineering tents on the market. It manages to offer up full protection from just about anything mother nature can throw at it, all with out so much as a rain fly.

That’s right, there is no rain fly for the Bibler Eldorado Mountaineering Tent. This tent is built with a single wall that is designed to withstand everything from rain to snow and everything in between. One thing you will notice when you look at the Bibler Eldorado Mountaineering Tent is that you don’t see any poles. That is not because they are hiding under the rain fly, remember there is no rain fly for this tent, but because they are located inside of the tent.

The Bibler Eldorado Mountaineering Tent uses a simple two pole system that is setup from inside of the tent. At first that might sound a bit awkward, but the v makes it extremely easy to setup this way. In fact, you can probably have the Bibler Eldorado Mountaineering Tent setup just as fast, if not faster, that your basic dome tent. The poles are held in places with Twistlock ties. These ties make it easy to setup the tent in colder conditions where you can’t or don’t want to take your gloves off.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Moosejaw: $595

Why they rock:

  • Same design as the I-Tent, except it is 5″ longer and 3″ wider for taller persons and those who desire extra room
  • Ideal in all high-altitude conditions, this tent can be pitched on ledges that are no larger than your sofa!
  • Two equal-size Easton aluminum poles fit inside the tent eliminating pole sleeves; setup is a breeze from inside the tent
  • Poles are held in place with Twistlock Pole Ties which are easy to work while wearing gloves or mitts
  • Walls are steep and floor shape is simple, thus optimizing living space, eliminating wasted space and increasing headroom
  • Precise catenary cut makes tent skin tight on the poles and quiet in heavy winds; door awning is designed to remain quiet, even in a gale
  • Floor material is finely woven high-denier nylon taffeta laminated to a strong waterproof film; coating is on the inside to protect from wear and tear
  • Tent interior is pale yellow for a bright, natural look; floors are black so they dry fast, even in cold weather
  • Adjustable weatherproof vents keep the warm air inside the tent in the winter and provide cool airflow in the summer, even during a rainstorm
  • Door zippers remain velvety smooth, resist wind and are treated with silicone to prevent water wicking and the inevitable freeze
  • Door toggles to the side when open and no-see-em mesh is placed on the interior to prevent ice build-up
  • Two interior net pockets hold odds and ends
  • Three-point equalizing guyline tie-downs provide security in extreme winds
  • Multiple light-reflecting tie-downs are helpful in the dark
  • Designed with as few seams as possible, all are fully factory taped to create a completely leakproof environment; Seam Grip provides extra protection
  • Seams are all sewn with super heavy-duty nylon thread and every stress point is reinforced for extra security
  • Optional vestibule (sold separately)

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

In the grand scheme of things, I am really impressed with the Bibler Eldorado Mountaineering Tent. While there are many great mountaineering tents out there, I appreciate how simple and compact the Bibler Eldorado Mountaineering Tent is. There is something to be said about such a light tent that can offer so much protection. My only concern with this tent is how well ventilated it gets in warm summer months when there is no breeze. Other than that, it looks pretty outstanding!

Looking to Buy? Check out these sites:
Moosejaw: $595