Best Cycling iPhone Apps

The iPhone is quickly becoming an indispensable travel tool, replacing the need to carry several gadgets every time you go on a trip. On the Travel Gear Blog we’re going to outline some of the ways you can turn your iPhone into the ideal piece of travel gear.

Anyone whose travels ever include a bicycle knows that there is already quite a bit of gear involved with cycling. Some of the equipment you need will likely never be available in an iPhone app, but some of these iPhone apps for cycling are both useful and fun.

Bicycle Apps for the iPhone

B.iCycle GPS Cycling Computer for Road & Mountain Biking
This app is, as the name says, both a GPS unit and a cycling computer. You can use it to track rides and get directions, and you can also use it to keep track of things like climbed altitude, average speed, and calories burned.

>> Download B.iCycle GPS Cycling Computer from the iTunes Store

If you already use the TrainingPeaks website to track your bike training, then having the TrainingPeaks app is a good idea, too, so you can take the information with you wherever you go.




>> Download TrainingPeaks from the iTunes Store

Bicycle Stats
This is another cycling training log app, but this one isn’t tied to a website. It lets you track details about every ride you take, and you can use it to track your weight, body fat percentage, and BMI as well. You’ll need a cycling computer to measure all of this information, but the app helps you chart progress.

>> Download Bicycle Stats from the iTunes Store

Bike Repair
Carry a bike repair book in your pocket wherever you go with this handy app, covering 50 different potential problems with 38 step-by-step guides to diagnose and fix whatever’s wrong.

>> Download Bike Repair from the iTunes Store

Bicycle Gear Calculator
This app helps you figure out gear ratios, gear inches, development and gain ratios using your bike’s measurements. There are more than 200 preset tire sizes in the app, and if yours isn’t among them you can enter a custom tire size to get just the right measurements.

>> Download Bicycle Gear Calculator from the iTunes Store