Belkin SportCommand – Wearable iPod Remote

Belkin SportCommandThe Belkin SportCommand is cool and not only because they are following the linguistic trend of combining two words into one for the product name – say it with me now, using your best Austrian accent, SportCommand. I swear, companies only combine two words together so they can trademark them since all the good single word trademarks are already used…

Nevertheless, (I love using that word!) the SportCommand is priced at what I think is reasonable for a wireless, durable, water-resistant remote at $79.99, and that lets you keep your iPod securely smashed up against your ribs inside your jacket when you crash, instead of in one of those vulnerable outside pockets. Not only does it keep it safe, it lets you adjust things like track, volume, and play/pause with your thick winter gloves on.

It straps to your arm (or leg, I suppose) with a neoprene and velcro strap, and boasts an impressive 50 foot range for control. That will be way handy for the after-party in the lodge. Plug into your iPod dock, and you can still skip the dumb songs on random while tending to the bar.

Contrary to how most other electronics are released, the SportCommand is available first in North America and then Asia, Europe, and Australia to “follow shortly.” Thanks to the homies in Compton for having our back first. Now when do we get one to test?




Check out the Belkin SportCommand marketing video down below. And you’ll have to wait to buy it, but in the mean time you can oogle Belkin’s press release.