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Belkin Improves the Laptop Experience with Lap-top workstations

Belkin yesterday announced their CushTop and PocketTop laptop accessories designed to make your laptop usage more comfortable.

Belkin Laptop WorkstationsCushTop is designed more for home usage, and allows for different sizes of laptops, depending on which side you use. There’s a little pocket in the middle for storing things like your “power supply and mouse.” I can see why, but doesn’t the power supply and the mouse kind of defeat the purpose? And besides, how are you supposed to use a mouse without a separate mouse table – or, maybe that’s next in Belkin’s product line…

PocketTop provides a folding, portable workstation that you can carry both your laptop and it’s accessories in the case. Apparently it also allows you to carry it with the power cord plugged into the laptop too. If you really have to take that computer with you on vacation, this could offer you an easy way to carry it from your hotel room to the beach or the business center. It’s nice and protected, but still easy to access without having to carry around a huge bag that may include all sorts of other stuff.

Via: Gizmodo