Barf Bag Collectors Unite

Barf Bags

Airline barf bags, we’ve all seen them, some of us have used them. But how many people do you know actually collect them? That is exactly what the guys at do.

These connoisseurs of barf bags have a collection that might make you sick to your stomach. Their collection includes 2,561 bags from over 600 airlines. As if the sheer number of bags in the collection wasn’t strange enough, you should check out the number of collector websites and groups. I never knew so many individuals had a passion for barf bags.




The best part of the site is ,by far, the owners “favorite” section. Here he showcases the largest, smallest, most boring, prettiest, etc. bags of the world. The best design award is well awarded. It sports some sort of horned animal, throwing up abstract chunks ( picasso would be proud ).

If you’re interested in joining the cult world of barf bag collectors, all you have to do is e-mail the owner of the site. He’ll be more than willing to share some bags from his surplus stock.