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Backup Your Travel Documents with Qipit

When researching your round the world trip or extended travel, you probably came across some advice that told you to make copies of your travel documents. If not, I question the material your read. Experts say you should make two copies, one for yourself and one to leave at home with a family member.

You could always go the old fashion route and make dime store photocopies. Those get the job done, but you run the risk of them getting lost, thrown away, or spontaneously combusting. Plus, what do you do if you are already traveling and this is the first you have heard of this brilliant advice?v3_howqipitworks.png

You take advantage of a free service called “qipit.” Qipit has a vast array of uses, but Im going to talk about it from a travelers point of view. What qipit does is allow you to to photograph important travel documents with your cell phone or digital camera, send them to qipit, and then qipit turns your crappy photo into a print quality PDF file.

You can use the PDF file as your backup copies instead of your dime store photocopies. This way you can print out a copy and still have a digital version safe and sound online. I would also recommend emailing yourself a copy of the file, that way you can have a backup while you are on the road.

Qipit is a free service that I would recommend checking out. If nothing else, for the peace of mind it will bring you while you travel.