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Airplane Air Purification Filter

Airplane Air Purification FilterIf you’re a real health nut and taking some Airborne when you fly isn’t enough, or you just think that some terrorist is going to pump Anthrax through the airplane’s ventilation system then you need to take the next step in protecting yourself.

That next step, is this convenient little baby-bottle nipple looking airplane (or car) air purifier. The oh so cleverly named Plane Clean Air purifier attaches to the ventilation system nozzle and cleans all that nasty, germ filled air heading straight for you.

This little device will satisfy your hypochondria, and you’ll only need about 230 of them to cover all the nozzles in your typical Boeing Jet, because don’t think covering just one will save your life. At only $19.95/ea, it will only set you back an additional $4588.50 per flight. A paltry price to pay for keeping one’s health.