Airborne – Don’t Fly Without it

AirborneAlmost everyone I know why flys more than a couple times a year has caught some kind of flu/cold that is attributed to nothing more than sitting on the Airplane.

In my opinion, the best single thing you can take before, during and after flying is Airborne.

Think you don’t need it? Let’s look at the facts:



  • Self check-in computers contain mold, germs & bacteria. This probably applies to the regular check-in and gate counters too.
  • Staphylococcus bacteria is found on the ground at security checkpoints where travelers without shoes can spread (or contract) this on the floors.
  • Air inside airplanes can contain a “way too high” quantity of mold and yeast, caused by poor ventilation system cleaning or filtration.
  • Hotel counters and rooms can contain anything from mold to insect droppings an fecal-related bacteria. More prevalent in cheaper hotels, but also possible in nicer chains too.

So in short, it’s to be expected that you come in contact with some nasty germs and bacteria unless you have a private plane and your own vacation home.

If you haven’t tried Airborne, you can get a free sample of their on-the-go product which gives you the same immune-boosting formula as original Airborne, but it comes in a powdered form in convenient, single-serve packets. You can pour it directly into bottled water, so you can take it almost anywhere. Just don’t try to carry your Airborne-loaded-water-bottle through a security checkpoint. Either drink it beforehand, or wait and buy a water bottle after security.

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