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Adidas-Polar Partnership one-ups Nike+ ?

adiStar Fusion Apparel with Polar WearLinkAdidas & Polar have joined forces to bring the next level of fitness technology to market. Slated to debut in October, the system, a combination of adiStar Fusion Apparel and Polar WearLink, is expected to be priced just below $700 although you can buy components individually. A range of clothing is available both for men & women.

While the Nike+ system measures your pace and distance, it lacks in health monitoring. For those less concerned about your specific heart rate, the integration of your iPod Nano for entertainment and motivational music may still be preferred.

Wearable computing technology has been on the horizon for quite some time, and it seems that we’re getting ever closer to a (relatively) affordable, useful, non-Robocop-like result.

Via: Popdadget