52 Card Games of Fun

Perhaps it was destiny that my last blog post was about travel card games, because as I walked through Barnes and Noble late last night I stumbled across a cool find. I found boxes of various travel card games that all seemed pretty sweet. The travel card games are made by Lynn Gordon and all part of her “52” series.

The “52” series of travel card games are a set of 52 cards. Each card has a simple idea or activity that follows the theme of the deck. The decks come in a variety themes, such as; 52 Fun Things to Do in the Car or 52 Things to Do on Rainy Days.

Here is a list of some of the other 52 Fun Things Cards:




• 52 Fun Things to Do in the Car
• 52 Alternatives to TV
• 52 Rainy Day Activities
• 52 Activities in Nature
• 52 Fun Things to Do at the Beach

All these card games are great for those days when you are just too bored to think of anything to do. What’s even better about these sets of card games is that they are fairly cheap. If you decide to by them at the book store you can purchase them for around $7. If you buy them used on Amazon, you can get them for $2 or less!!!

So, if you don’t mind a slightly used deck of cards, check them out here:

Amazon.com $1.70