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5 Mini Flash Lights that Pack a Punch

I think we will all agree that a flashlight is one of those things you can never find when you need it. These mini flashlights can help put an end to that problem. All of these flashlights are small enough to fit in your glove box, lunch box, tool box, or any other sized box. Yet they are all bright enough to take camping or backpacking on even the darkest of nights. Buy a few of these little torches, keep them in a few strategic spots and you’ll never be without light when you need it.


Super-Bright – This gun metal grey, anodized aluminum body is water an shock resistant. Not to mention its only about six inches long. This mini flash light has 9 LED lights and runs off of 3 AAA batteries. Those 3 batteries can power this sucker for 20 hours. Even more impressive is that the LED lights themselves can last for up to 100,00 hours.
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GIANT Light – Talk about a pocket flame thrower. This little guy has not 3, not 6, but 21 LED lights. You could practically give the bat symbol with this bad boy. The entire mini flash light only uses 3 AAA batteries. The positive action switch ensures that the flash light wont come on accidently and waste power. Coming in at 4 inches long, this mini flash light is anything but giant sized.
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Compact Super Bright – Made with luxeon LEDs, this mini flash light is ten times brighter the regular super-bright LEDs. Palm size of 4 inches means this little guy can fit just about anywhere comfortably. The flash light runs for 20 hours off of 3 AAA batteries. This mini flash light also uses a positive action switch on the barrel end to help make sure there is no accidental power loss.
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Sona FL309T – This tough looking mini flash light is made from sturdy titanium colored, aluminum metal. Weighing less than a pound, the mini flash light is truly mini. The octangular shaped head keeps the flash light from rolling around on uneven surface. There unit is powered by 8 LEDS and 3 AAA batteries.
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Laser Pointer Flashlight – This mini flashlight is part LED and part laser pointer. The Sona 8 mini flashlight works by using 8 LEDs to emit a bright and powerful stream of light. There is also a built in laser pointer that is built into the unit it’s self. The flash light and laser pointer are all powered off 3 AA batteries.
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