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5 Jet Packs You Can Build or Buy

Maybe its all the superhero movies that have been coming out lately, especially Ironman, but I have had a great urge to go out and buy a jet pack. They sell those you ask? Is the grass green I say! Of course you can buy a jet pack. But, being the DIYer that I am, Im all about the home made ones. Check out some of these jet packs that you can buy and/or build.

Be sure to watch the videos of the jet packs at the bottom of the page.

Homemade Rocketbelt

Website | This just goes to show you that with a dream and a little elbow grease, you too can be flying around in the backyard in no time!

Sky Walker Jet Packs for Sale

Website | Would you ever buy a jet pack of eBay? Well, Richard Herron sold his on eBay for a cheap US$10,000. Do you think he charged shipping on that or did he just fly down to deliver it?

Primo Jet Pack for Sale

Website | This pretty little jet pack might set you back US$125,000 smackers, but hey, at least it comes with 10 free lessons. The sales page even informs you of all the possible employment opportunities that will arise once you purchase the jet pack. Who knew you could charge US$20,000 to fly around for a few minutes.

Make a Jet Pack for $30

Website | Where do all these jet pack companies get off charging over $100,000 bucks? This tutorial makes it painfully clear that they are over charging. Find out how you can make your own jet pack for $30. Then you too can start charging thousands of dollars for you work!

Thunderbolt Rocket Pack For Sale

Website | Finally a jetpack thats under US$100,000, even if its not by much. these guys only charge around US$90,000 for their jet packs. Im not sure if thats good or bad?

Jetpack International Jet Packs for Sale

Website | Ready for a jaw dropper? This jet pack casts a coll US$200,000. On the plus side, you get a whole 9 minutes of flying time. Most jet packs only offer 30 to 60 seconds. You can also rest easy knowing that Jet Packs International will only sell their jet packs to qualified individuals.

Jet Pack Videos