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2010 K2 HellBents

k2hellbentsK2 Hell Bents—Twin Tip reverse camber ski that are way more than just a deep powder tool

Growing up in a ski family with a gear head dad, every fall meant starting to think about the year’s newest and best ski gear out there on the market. Long before the first snow flakes started to fall, my Dad would already be reading about all the newest , jazziest and great ski equipment out there (and not on blogs, because they didn’t exist yet). My gear head Dad ended up raising kids who also love gear (especially ski gear), which is why my brother called me last spring eager to tell me about the new K2 HellBents he had heard so much about and how great the new skis were going to be.

The HellBents have a twin-tip rocker design that makes for supreme flotation in deep powder, while still allowing you to the to stomp both switch and regular landings in the deepest conditions (which, let’s be honest, are the softest and best conditions to land in). While designed specifically to dominate the pow pow, this ski is not content on being just a powder dominator. The HellBents also gives you generous ability to carve out turns when you dip out of the deep powder tree field and back onto the groomed slope on the way back to the lift.

With its Torsion Box Sidewall and Fir core, the K2 Hell Bent is easily one of the most durable skis on the planet. The HellBents, while best known as a deep powder ski, have good enough handling on the groomers that make them a great all-mountain ski. Whether you are an expert or novice skier, you’ll find that the HellBents make for some truly effortless sking. With its unbelievable ability to handle short turns, as well as, long curvy lines, the K2 Hell Bent will also give you the durability and performance you deserve.

The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get ‘em:

>>Buy K2 Hellbent Alpine Ski

Why they rock:

    • They have been given an official stamp of approval by the experts. Big time skiers like Andy Mahre and others are hook on the HellBents
    • Core and Flex Pattern – Fir core with Triaxial Braiding increases torsional rigidity and strength. Medium flex underfoot and medium-soft in the tips.
    • Construction – Vertical ABS Sidewall: impact toughness protects the core, aids in the direct transmission of power. 3.5mm edge is far more resistant to cracking and grinding for a more durable, longer lasting ski.
    • Shape –20/40 Rocker Design: Tips are raised 20mm off the snow and begin their rise 40 cm from the ends of the ski. No big deal – it’s just geometry.
    • Binding Compatibility – Requires brake width of at least 120mm
    • Ability Level Advanced – Expert
    • Core Material Wood
    • Dims: Tip 150 Dims: Waist 122 Dims: Tail 141
    • Tail Type Partial Twin Tip
    • Turning Radius 26m @ 179

Seat of the pants rating: 9 out of 10

Powder hounds who like to bomb the groomers from time to time will love the new K2 HellBents. A reverse camber ski with a wide underfoot that does great in the deep stuff, but is agile enough to scarve truns on the hardpack, the HellBents make for a superior all-mountain ski. The twin tip design makes them perfect for those who like to huck it off cliffs and jumps (and even land switch easily), and does especially well on deep powder landings. If you are an advanced or expert skier who loves to cut fresh tracks through the fresh stuff, than you really can’t beat the new K2 HellBents.

Looking to Buy? Here’s where you can get em:

>>Buy K2 Hellbent Alpine Ski