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Women’s K2 Phat Luv Skis

k2s.jpgK2 Phat Luv Women’s Skis— The ultimate ski for all the powder loving chicas out there.

I love to ski big powder. There is just nothing quite like cutting first tracks down a champagne powder covered slope, swallowing about as much snow as air as you cruise down the mountain. I always love every single second of it. You’ve got to love the girls that love powder and big mountains, and as more and more of us females are getting out there and hitting the backcountry with the boys, our equipment options are improving. Last season I skied on a pair of men’s Public Enemies, which I loved but felt had a few fundamental drawbacks. They did great in big time powder, but I found them a little too big and too heavy for my smaller and lighter frame. Enter the K2 Phat Luvs.

These skis are made for us ladies that love to ride powder. This ski has big dimensions to match those big powder days. This ski has a generous width (102 mm) and has a solid BioFlex core. The special Powder Tip and progressive sidecut also make this ski handle extremely well on big powder days. For a fat, powder ski, the Phat Luvs are also ideal for women with its much lighter weight, making it an easier ski to maneuver for those of this with a smaller and lighter body riding on them than the boys. With the handling ability, quick and responsive edges and wide underfoot it’s hard not to fall in luv with the Phat Luvs on a great powder day. While these skis do alright in on groomers and bust through crud well, it’s important to keep in mind this may not be the only ski you keep in your closet. They aren’t ideal for crusty days out on the mountain and should probably be saved for those days in the bowls after the mountain got a good dumping of fresh snow.

The quick & dirty:
Where you can get them:
2009 K2 Women’s Phat Luvs $629.95

Why they rock:

  • Product developers found that by using different types of wood to create a bio-flex core was great for women skiers. The Spruce used at the tip and tail is light and allows for easy turn initiation with a denser wood used underfoot for increased stability.
  • One of the main problems women have skiing on men’s equipment is that we have a much lower center of gravity than our male counterparts. These skis were developed specifically for women by moving the sidecut and midsole of the ski forward 2 cm, allowing for even better control of the ski.
  • 14/12 progressive sidecut
  • Powder tip design
  • The wide waist of the ski makes it optimal for charging big mountains on powder days
  • K2’s Mod Technology makes sure the ski is thickest at the center to insulate skiers from vibrations and is thinned out at the tip and tail to reduce weight and increase maneuverability.

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

These are the perfect ski for us ladies who love big powder. If you live somewhere where powder days are sometimes far and few between and don’t have the luxury to storm chase the winter away, you may be better off getting a pair of skis that does a little better on the groomers and sacrifice a little of the powder performance. However, if you are looking for a ski that will rock your socks off in deep snow, than these skis are the answer. I especially love that they have been designed not only with powder riding in mind, but also with a female rider in mind. Taking into consideration a women’s lower center of gravity, these skis are both easy to maneuver and you’ll have a big smile on your face when you blast by the boys after a storm.

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2009 K2 Women’s Phat Luvs $629.95