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20% Off Chaco Sandals

New Chacos Good, Old Chacos Bad Good

chaco sandals

The fun loving, real world watching, cats at are currently offering 20 percent off new Chaco Sandals if you agree to send in your old Chacos. Don’t a have pair of Chaco sandals to get rid of, or just cant bear to part with yours? You can also send in other sandals, boots, running shoes, or flip flops.

Chaco will take your old footwear and turn it into new footwear. What a novel idea!? If that didn’t make you fall in love with Chaco, this might, they are also donating the new footwear to a charitable organization.

So, how do you get the 20 percent off?

Go to

Coupon code: 571

Once you get your new Chaco sandals, you can send your old ones to:

Chaco Recycling
650 Mandoline,
Madison Heights, MI 48071