10 Graduation Gift Ideas for the Traveling Grad

Looking for a gift for that high school or college graduate?  If your graduate is planning a trip after graduation, finding a gift can actually be a blast. Traveling grads needs some basic gear to make it around the world safely and with ease.  Consider enclosing a small gift that will make their travels easier and more comfortable alongside some […]

Victorinox 22 Trek Pack Plus

Victorinox 22 Trek Pack Plus – A most impressive carry on bag. The Victorinox 22 Trek Pack Plus bag offers so many features that it bay far one of the most impressive carry on bags I have ever seen. To say the Victorinox 22 Trek Pack Plus is full of features would be a gross understatement. While this bag me […]

Therm-a-Rest Neck Pillow

Therm-a-Rest Neck Pillow – A packable neck pillow. I have to be honest with you, I totally used to make fun of all those people on the airplane with those goofy neck pillows – especially the ones who walk around the airport with them still around their neck like they’re showing off a piece of spectacular jewelry or something. I […]

Making Money on the Road

I pride myself on being able to make money without having what I consider to be a real job. Many of these random sources of income allow me to be able to travel and live wherever ever I please. As skilled as I am at this, it never ceases to amaze me the new ways people come up with to […]

iPod Travel Accessories

I for one am a little too scared to take my iPod any further than my car. I am by no means a naive traveler and I have already had a 30gig video iPod stolen. Fortunately, many other travelers haven’t been as unlucky as I and still travel with their iPod. There are loads of travel accessories for your iPod […]

Top Travel Safety Gear

Traveling safe is an important issue for any traveler. Here are a few inexpensive items that will help keep you safe abroad without taking up much room in your pack. Id also be intrested to hear about any other ways paeople keep thier stuff safe while they are traveling. Door Jam Lock This little badboy is small enough to fit […]

Wine Skins

Wine Skins – Get your booze home safe. Who can argue the fact that buying tax free booze isn’t one of the best perks about traveling? I sure can’t. But with buying duty free liquor comes the dilemma of getting it home in one piece. Airline luggage handlers sure don’t care if a bottle of Crown Royal breaks in your […]

Airline Fare Watchers

It seems like every major airline search site, such as Obitz, Expeida, and the like, all have some sort of fare water feature. I was just wondering how this has effected your travel planning process? Do you now try to plan trips far in advance so that you can wait for the lowest price? Or do you just watch ticket […]