Best Heart Rate Monitors

Looking to improve your fitness level? Heart Rate Monitors are a great tool for monitoring your fitness progress and helping you stay in your target zone during workouts. Heart Rate Monitors measure and display your heart rate in real time giving you continuous feedback about your level of effort so you can adjust your level of intensity to get in […]

Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitor

Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitor – pretty basic heart rate monitor The Suuonto M2 Heart Rate Monitor is as basic as they get. If all you’re looking for is a watch that displays your heart rate with a few end of workout stats, the M2 might be perfect for you. If you’re looking for a watch that can tell you […]

Suunto Core Multifunction Watch

Suunto Core Multifunction Watch – A must have for backcountry excursions. I think it is safe to say that some cheap-o watch for your local bargain store isn’t going to cut it for you next summit. A demanding endeavor such as that demands an exceptional watch, such as the Suunto Core Multifunction Watch. Not only is the Suunto Core Multifunction […]