Camping Safety: What You Need To Have

Back in the 1930s an organization of climbers and outdoor adventures called The Mountaineers came up with a list of ten outdoor safety essentials. These Ten Essentials are recommended for safe travel in the backcountry and it is a good idea to have these items handy during any camping trip be it a weeklong backcountry excursion or a weekend car […]

Top Travel Safety Gear

Traveling safe is an important issue for any traveler. Here are a few inexpensive items that will help keep you safe abroad without taking up much room in your pack. Id also be intrested to hear about any other ways paeople keep thier stuff safe while they are traveling. Door Jam Lock This little badboy is small enough to fit […]

Adventure Medical Camper 400 First-Aid Kit – 53% Off Sale

Garmont Bronco Plus Hiking Boot deal at Steep And Cheap, priced at $28.13 (53% Off) Regularly $59.95 If you’re interested you need to act fast – their motto is “One killer gear deal, one item at a time until it’s gone” so when it’s gone, the next deal comes up and this one is gone. Having a medical kit around […]

TSA Inspects Breasts, Won’t Taste Milk

Two days ago, the TSA lightened up the total liquid ban allowing up to 3oz containers of toiletries, among other liquids to be again carried onboard commercial flights. According to many news sources, their new regulations have mostly confused the masses and significantly increased delays at security checkpoints. Interestingly enough, it appears as if they’ve changed their “profiling” strategy to […]

Dell, Apple Laptops Banned by More Airlines

Wired magazine’s Gear Factor reports Virgin Atlantic is now following suit, after Korean Airlines first prohibited the use of Apple and Dell Laptops due risk of fire. Ironically, Sony laptops, (the manufacturer of the batteries) appear to remain unaffected to date. What’s even better, is this support news from 2003 article that I found from Sony, warning to users of […]

Black Diamond Recalls Climbing Harnesses

Black Diamond, a US manufacturer of outdoor recreational gear, recalls their Speed Harness product line. Product names included in the recall are Focus Speed, Gym Speed, Momentum Speed, Vario Speed and Wiz Kid. Apparently the waist and/or leg loops were incorrectly threaded, and could result in loosening while climbing. Black Diamond recommends that any harnesses with incorrectly threaded buckles be […]