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Best iPad Accessories For Travel

The Apple iPad hit market shelves this April 2010 and independent travelers are psyched on this new laptop meets smartphone device. The iPad packs easily at only 1.6 pounds and makes a great traveling companion with its 10 hours of battery life. As far as compact travel computers, the iPad is going to offer some stiff competition to the best Netbooks out there.

With its highly anticipated release come a host of accessories for the iPad. You will need an iPad case or sleeve to protect your new device from the perils of the road and a screen shield will keep your iPad looking like it just stepped out of the box. A compact charger and sync cable are perfect for minimalist travelers and a portable keyboard is a good idea if you plan using the iPad for word processing and writing long, elaborate e-mails.

Adesso Waterproof Portable Keyboard

Adesso foldable, water-resistant portable keyboard—the perfect spill-proof keyboard to take on the road Sure, that tiny netbook is great for traveling, but a good majority of netbook keyboards are also just plain tiny. Especially for anyone with above-average sized hands, the tiny keyboard could make you struggle to type at any kind decent pace. Many companies make portable keyboards, but […]