4 Things That Should Be In Your Pack, But Probably Aren’t

You know when you are half way through a trip somewhere and you think to yourself; “dang, I should have brought…” Well that’s what this post is for. I have travel the world many times over and found some things, as small as they might be, to come in more useful than one would think. No, I’m not talking about […]

Wine Skins

Wine Skins – Get your booze home safe. Who can argue the fact that buying tax free booze isn’t one of the best perks about traveling? I sure can’t. But with buying duty free liquor comes the dilemma of getting it home in one piece. Airline luggage handlers sure don’t care if a bottle of Crown Royal breaks in your […]

Traveling light: 10lbs or less

Everyone wants to be able to pack light, and it’s usually a challenge. I know I always end up taking more than I use, or at least items that I don’t use. Tim Ferris, the author of The 4-Hour Workweek offers some insights in a recent blog post on how to travel the world with 10lbs or less. He also […]

Pack – It Double Cube

Pack – It Double Cube – Great idea for rolling backpacks. When it comes to packing a rolling backpack, every inch counts. Because the packs are smaller, it makes packing them a little complicated. The Pack – It Double cubes a perfect solution. You can use these marvels of modern technology keep you backpack organized and efficiently packed.

Packing Tip: What to NOT Pack

Travel Essentials packing tip makes a couple good points. 2-You definitely do not need more than three pairs of shoes. 4-Since you only wear half of what you take, take half to begin with, then wear half of that. Sure, it depends where you’re going, for how long, and why. If you’re going to Paris on business and then meeting […]